Call recorder Cydia – How to record calls on iPhone?

This is for those who wish to record calls they make and receive using their iPhone. As we all know, record phone calls is one of the most requested features for iDevices. But it is not a native feature for experts to say that Apple highly considers security reasons for their consumers. Somehow, this is about call recorder Cydia that you can encounter only when you turn the device into jailbroken. Of course, jailbreak users can play with more and more features than formal devices. And even at this point, they have a couple of apps that can set up to the device and record inbound and outbound calls without any further requirement.

call recorder Cydia

Call Recorder Cydia tweaks

As we call them Cydia tweaks, here are a few jailbreak tweaks that will help you to accomplish your task. The most important thing to keep in your mind is that you should be iOS 12 or later. There may be a few apps that you already know. But, we brought you Super Recorder X+ (iOS 12) and Call Recorder X (iOS 12) and that offered by hacx. Using both Cydia tweaks, users can go through full-features call recording options and that will combine with the native Phone app of Apple.

How call recorder Cydia works?

If you will install one of the previously mentioned apps, you will be able to use the certain red recording button of each app. All those audio files will automatically arrange to an internal web server. So you can enter then using your computer with respective entries. Play, Delete and share are the separate options that you can use in addition to record on each app. Between two apps, Super Recorder X+ (iOS 12) has a long list of features that you will get to know once set up it on your iPhone or iPad.

call recorder Cydia

Wrapping up

If you are with an iPhone, iPod or iPad running iOS 12 or newer, then you can use those two Cydia tweaks we brought here today. It does not matter you are with any other previous iOS version. You still have some prior jailbreak apps that you can arrange there for the same feature. Since Cydia offers you more and more features, it means you do not have to worry about the restrictions of Apple at all. Just jailbreak your device and bring all those interesting features on your beloved iDevice without any further condition.