The truth behind Cydia iOS 11.3.1

And finally, Electra became the most talkative topic among jailbreakers for brought Cydia to jailbroken 11.0 – 11.1.2 iDevices. Even though LiberiOS as well arrived with same compatibilities, it could not arrive at such a high level thus far. However, today we are going to narrate around Cydia iOS 11.3.1 that rumors started to deliberate since a couple of days. If you doubt whether there is an upcoming edition arranged to 11.3.1 numerically, do not get too much excited. Just get ready to concern a couple of points that we have composed. Here we go.

Cydia ios-11.3.1

Get ready to download Cydia iOS 11.3.1

It is time to pull things together for upcoming sessions to be upgraded and jailbreak as well. At this instant, 11.2.6 is the latest version while the approaching 11.3 became its successor. All 64bit iPhone, iPod and iPad can continue their journey with upcoming sessions without any barrier.

By the way, though we have many to discuss first of all, we should make clear whether there is such an edition in reality? The truth is clear that Apple only got 11.3 thus far as the highest upcoming release to the audience. Therefore, 11.3.1 is just a prediction that would celebrate in future as the successor of 11.3. Since the major third offer as well yet to launch as a major version, it is not that easy to make clear if there will be such a chapter, what it will have to bring certainly or else specifics that it will surround.

Should you be prepared for Cydia iOS 11.3.1?

As long as we have not any evidence to make certain will Apple definitely arrange such a version, it is pointless to discuss or pulls things together for a related jailbreak. Either you may consider rumors, there should be a beta or the absolute major launch of 11.3.1 to make sure that we are capable to stay tuned for a future breakout.

Cydia ios-11.3.1

Wrapping up

Since there were many questions that asked whether Apple will open another session as 11.3.1, hope our story would be useful to make certain all your doubts. It does not matter either you remained for the edition because it cannot make a wide distance such as an upgrade to non-jailbreak edition.

By the way, pull things together to welcome 11.3 in nearly future and the predicted 11.3.1 as well on time if the company has a plan for such a reveal. Until then, do not bother for its jailbreak capability or whatever while we have nothing to make sure that it is going to become a true issue. While there we have more and more to consider regarding LiberiOS and Electra utilities which are the two ones released for the eleventh OS. It seems CoolStar going to write a new chapter with very own third-party Cydia app store concept which now capable to settle on all jailbroken iDevices. Those who have been used Electra can check out recent reports for further. But keep in mind all those functionalities end from 11.1.2. And the rest starting from 11.2 have to find out their own paths.