What is Cydia Impactor error 173?

Cydia Impactor is a very useful and remarkable application for iPhone and iPad. It supports us during various cases. Especially, when you are a non-jailbreak user and you need applications with advanced features on your device; it is Impactor that supports you. It sideloads IPA files and brings related apps on iDevices. You can launch it on your Mac and Windows. Because of the same reason, this became a popular utility among non-jailbreak users. However, we are going to consider one of the important topics that you face when you are with Impactor. Let’s go through Cydia Impactor error 173. It does not matter that you wish to resolve the error 173. Just go through this brief guide.

cydia impactor error

What is Cydia Impactor error 173?

As clarified, we can use Cydia Impactor on various occasions. For it is an application, you may face issues and errors during. But do not worry about such complications. You can find out easy solutions and bring them to an end. Error 173 is one of those common complaints. We specifically call this app-specific password error. It means that the user has to use an app-specific password to sideload the suggested file properly. So you have to generate a password.

  • Go to your computer and search applied.apple.com
  • Use your Apple ID logins to enter
  • Use Two-Factor authentication for the verification
  • And the turn to Security > Generate Password
  • Enter a certain name that similar to the app
  • Once select the create button, the password will be arranged
  • Now you can use the arranged password on Cydia Impactor and sideload the IPA file

Important: Sometimes the error may not be able to fix even with the new password for the first time. Therefore, you have to disable Two-Factor Authentication and then use the normal Apple ID for the process. One of these tricks will surely resolve the trouble.

Final words

There are many other common errors that users complain behind Cydia Impactor. And they happen because of various reasons. If you need to get rid of them, it is important to find out the reason behind the error. Check our previous posts for more info. If you need to install applications like Snapchat++, Whatsapp++ and so on, use Cydia Impactor to bring them. These are the apps that available advanced features. No need to jailbreak of download Cydia if you have them on your iDevice.