Should you download iOS 11.3.1?

Behind a couple of weeks from the major launch of 11.3, we received its first minor update at the beginning of this week. So now, there are many reports about download iOS 11.3.1 that we can simply refer to more info. But, our story going to cover the entire area that a jailbreaker can decide will it perfectly fit them or not. Having the recent on your iPhone or iPad would be impressive unless you will have to face concerns. However, for there is yet to collect Cydia updates from Saurik, do not confuse or hurry to make a decision without evidence.

download ios 11.3.1

Will download iOS 11.3.1 be interesting?

If you worry about its interesting support and the appearance, just realize that it is not a major release which became the first minor release under 11.3. Therefore, even 11.3 brought a heap of the collection to the OS, we cannot expect the same from 11.3.1. In accordance with its official release note, the structure has been collected several improvements and security keys at this time.

Anyhow, if you are a jailbreaker, it will not that interesting to have on your iDevice as a non-jailbreak episode. Without Cydia, it will not that grand as a jailbroken version. If you want the latest with whatever surrounding, navigate to Software update section and check whether you got a notification. You do not have any specific condition once you received it. Just accept the rest and set up.

Updates from jailbreakers behind download iOS 11.3.1

It is pity to let you know that jailbreakers do not have any recent update after Electra and LiberiOS release a couple of months back. A few days back, it was Ian Beer with a vulnerability of 11.3. And then, there was another report describing 11.2.6 too that had a perfect way to reach jailbreak possibilities. But there were few shady points to make sure since we do not have any certain detail that let us know whether the jailbreak has been prepared or else who will be the jailbreaker either.

By the way, if there is a prepared breakout for its perfect moment, we may not that far from here. And will be able to capture it within next couple of weeks.

While Jay Freeman should fill the space of Cydia as we have been passed the eleventh OS as well without, it would be great if there is an update before 11.3.

download ios 11.3.1

Wrapping up

Since 11.3.1 became the latest of the array, within a couple of days, Apple will stop sign in the possibility of 11.3. So then, it would be better to sit tight with 11.3 as we could not capture a certain detail at this instant related to jailbreak approach of 11.3.1. However, the rest of you those who are not interested in jailbreaking can settle with the recent edition and enjoy sharp performances and advanced security system. But if you feel it is just a minor update and have some other reason not to move from any previous edition, do not escape from it.