How to download Cydia using iOS 12.4 jailbreak?

We are passing an attention-grabbing occasion surround a couple of highlighted topics all over the place. If you are a jailbreaker, this is about iOS 12.4 jailbreak that you must not miss. There are varies posts and directions with amazing points that sometimes we are not ready to accept. Somehow, it is how the jailbreak community move on with both moral and gloomy proclamations. So that’s why we always remind being a jailbreaker is not easy. However, here is how to download Cydia for 12.4?

ios 12.4 jailbreak

Predictions of iOS 12.4 jailbreak

It is good to hear if there are any related predictions that let us know that 12.4 is a jailbreakable version. But it is a pity for we do not have such a good detail thus far at least to realize that there are supportive security keys behind the beta frame. For at the moment it is only a beta version, you might feel it is too early to look forward for a breakout. Of course, it is true but we have to wish for a rapid solution from hackers while we have to be prepared for iOS 13 within the next few days. For that, we cannot remain for a long emptily. So we hope there will be a worthy direction as soon as possible.

iOS 12.4 jailbreak by Pwn20wnd

Because of the recent unc0ver tool series became an offer of the well-known jailbreaker Pwn20wnd, some of you look forward if they will responsible for upcoming releases. But there is no such an update thus far. Not having a proper detail about jailbreaking is clear for 12.4 is a testing version with its betas. But some says Apple will not let it remain in its testing session for a long as it seemed betas as well released rapidly in its order. However, we have to patiently sit tight there until jailbreakers will ready to come up.

ios 12.4 jailbreak

Final words

As we are slowly getting closer to the next major iPhone operating system, it would be great having a rapid jailbreak release as well to cover that non-jailbreak session soon. But apart from Chimera and Unc0ver proclamations, there is no any single positive detail about such a release. For it does not mean the story of Cydia download will end, stay tuned there for further announcements on time. Since we have there to talk about Sileo update too, hope future reports as well will be exciting. Do not upgrade and lose current jailbreakable versions for any other slight reaching.