Amazing iOS features Apple stole from Cydia download

We brought you a story which is absolutely attention-grabbing for jailbreak users. Of course, this is the list of a couple of amazing features that Apple introduced to the audience by derived from the Cydia download store since far. Though there is no any recent update regarding jailbreak possibility of iOS 12.0 from hackers, consider such a list full of fascinating tweaks would be worthy rather than waste your time. Here we go.

cydia download

Features derived from Cydia download

  • Divided Control Center pages

When Apple introduced the 10th iPhone OS to the audience, it seemed the Control Panel contained separated pages that even can display music information together with Apple Homekit. So these can apply on those jailbroken devices with download Cydia using Auxo and that will let you move through a page sloping Control panel.

  • Customizable Control Center

So this too is about your Control Center that used for many. So when it comes to the 11th OS, there were several customizable options such as show or else hides things from the center. Those who played CChide, CCSettings and further know how they can perform with.

  • Cellular Data Control

Cellular data control is another feature that derived from jailbreakers to iOS 11.0 story. So the Cellular Data Control option lets the user to simply enable or disable the connection. Since it was not that easy in previous times that the user had to navigate to Settings app to adjust the option, it was really interesting to play around. SBSettings and CCSettings are two tweaks that offered the feature for jailbroken devices since far.

  • Low Power Mode

Save battery power was such a huge offer for Smartphones often does. Low Power Mode was the specific official function that introduced while CCLowPower was a tweak that brought the same feature in jailbreak.

  • Colored Controls

Colored toggles are the ones that Apple introduced to the control center to display when enabled Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. But for those who are above iOS 8.0 will capable to deal with the same feature on their devices with jailbreak using the Cream tweak.

  • Interactive notifications

This is one of the official announcements of Apple for the 8th iOS story to interact with alert notices and banners. With that, you can stay on the same app as well. However, BiteSMS and LockUnfo are the two apps that can settle on your Smartphone.

  • Clear all notifications

Users can find out clear all alerts and notifications feature on the 12th iPhone operating system. But this can use if you are a 3D touch user above iPhone 6S. So the Clear all notifications will be there to tap on. When you come to Cydia tweaks for the same feature, 3D Touch to Clear Notifications and OneTapClear are the famed apps to set up.

  • One-Handed Keyboard

This is a recently discussed feature if you just consider very own updates of the operating system. It was there with the 11th OS. When jailbreakers desire moves through the One-handset keyboard, they can try our OneHandWizard which is famous since far for the identical functionality.

cydia download

Cydia download for iOS 12.1.1

There is no doubt that you all keep your eyes with the hottest 12.1.1 to capture its breakout. But there is no doubt it will take more days to unveil the true standing. According to a couple of reports, 12.0.1 will be the nest turning point that you excited for. Stay tuned.