New Cydia tweaks for your jailbroken iDevice

Are you looking for amazing applications to let you customize your iPhone or iPad. While being a jailbreaker, there is nothing that you have to worry when you often gain new Cydia tweaks on your Cydia app store.

new cydia tweaks

New Cydia tweaks for all Electra users

  • ByeBetaAlert

The alert popup that bothers you can now keep far by stop using ByeBetaAlert

  • AudioSnapshotServer

This is an extension which has been arranged to work behind MitsuhaXI

  • ByeSeparatoratorsCell

System-wide spaces between cells will completely remove

  • CarBridge

Simply launch whatever app on CarPlay with the support of CarBridge

  • DockShowLabels

This will force the app icon labels to stay in the dock

  • CCLinker

CCLinker will let you turn preference panes of several Control Panel keys using gestures

  • HideSignalStrengthBAR

Those signal strength bars in the Status bar will capable to remove using this

  • Harmony

The formal Discord app will allow with color customizations

  • hueStatusbar

The status bar will then contain a new custom colorization

  • HomeGesture

Those who are with older iPhones can arrange the iPhone X’s slide Home gesture

  • IGGhost for Instagram

Just explore the Instagram timeline even without a look at video or photo owners

  • IGGreyDarkMode

The formal Insta app will newly arrange a dark mode style

  • ModernXI

The Lock Screen notification gain a new appearance and a feel for users to interestingly play around

  • LS Gesture Bar Colour (iPhone X)

On your Lock Screen of the iPhone X color will be able to customize

  • NoFeedback

Once you start to use the tvOS beta profile, to hold updates, this will hide the Feedback app

  • NiceNotes

Custom the stock Notes app

  • NoMoreFeedback

Will hold Feedbacks in the same manner of NoFeedback

  • RWP Slider

This is the tweaks and that can support you to arrange the Reduce White Point functionality using the Control Panel brightness slider

  • NGXPlay 11

This is another CarPlay supporter as a mirror to be applied on iPhone models

  • SBTextColourXI (System Wide)

Add a custom color text color to the Status Bar to the entire operating system

  • SBTextColourXI (LS/HS)

Change the text on the status bar of your Home screen and the Status Bar separately without spread it to any other place

  • SilentScreenshots

As it described itself, using the tweak, you can it will just come up with a hint of haptic feedback when you take screenshots

  • TimeToUnlock

You can simply unlock the iDevice just using the exact time you currently pass rather than using the same password always

  • TiebaVideoAdblock

During your usage of BaiduTieba application, this will stand to hide advertisements that bothers you

  • YouTube Music Tools

Add many options will be there on your formal YouTube application

new cydia tweaks

Updates of new Cydia tweaks for iOS 11.4.1

If you are interested to have tweaks, apps and everything related to jailbreak status on further iOS versions as well, there you have to make certain that each edition got their respective jailbreak tools to be applied. But it is pity remind that any higher edition above 11.4.1 yet to confirm their jailbreak possibilities.