New iOS 9 Cydia Tweaks Released For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

Nowadays all cydia developers have been busy to release the top brand new cydia tweaks for their fans. At this moment, the ton of new cydia tweaks for cydia addicted peoples. Anyhow, as you know pangu has successfully jailbroken iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2. Cydia is the main reason who have been following the jailbreak. If you are confusing for jailbreak your idevice, then we sure that beside the article you will opt to jailbreak your idevice for gain cydia. However make sure that your favorite cydia tweak is available or not in the new iOS 9 cydia tweaks list given below. Now we are going to learn about updated cydia tweaks which compatible for iOS 9 – iOS 9.0.2.

cydia tweaks 9

New Tweaks updated for iOS 9 to iOS 9.0.2

  • Watchboard – Home screen replacement inspired by Apple Watch
  • Tintch – Tinted switches provide by Tintch
  • VNOpenIN – You can share or save Vine videos
  • SpotLock – Simply swipe to search page to lock device
  • UnlockVol – You can adjust volume from locksreeen
  • TapTapFlip – Two taps to flip camera
  • QRC for WA – You can quick reply and compose for WhatsApps
  • SafariRefresh – Pull to refresh for Safari
  • MSGAutoSave8 – You can save received images and video to library
  • NetflixSleepTimer – Add a sleep timer to Netflix app
  • KuaiDial – Compatible for iOS 9, iOS 8 and even iOS 7. Add useful function to Phone app
  • MusicMod – Music tweak for 8.4 apple music
  • LockPredict – You can prevent predictive bar from minimizing
  • MusicTransport – You can transmit music or sound over phone call
  • NoBlur – You can remove the blur effect in iOS 7+
  • 3D Touch to Clear Notifications – This tweak requires an iPhone 6s plus or iPhone 6s and exits to let to clear all notifications.
  • FullFloder9 – You can open folders in full screen
  • CustomLS2 – Allows you to customize your device lock screen
  • CCQuick Pro for iOS 9 – Various shortcuts and options offer for control center
  • EasyLowPowerMode – You can add a low power mode toggle in settings app
  • Incognito Messages – You can enable or disable typing indicator and see read receipts when you are typing.
  • Mutiny – You can mute a conversation directly from the conversation list
  • 3DNoLag – Lets you to remove the lag when using 3D touch
  • SwitcherFlipper – Allows to change the swiping direction in the app switcher
  • Recently Uninstalled – You can find what you have recently uninstalled from cydia

If you have chosen your favorite tweak, just you can download and enjoy. Cydia is the biggest experience for all of apple users. If you wish to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch click below link. It will bring you to step guide.

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