Will CoolStar release Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2?

It is great as we got a heap of topics to discuss with the jailbreak community. Thankfully, we could capture LiberiOS and Electra tools for 11.0 to 11.1.2. In accordance with recent reports, the developer Coolstar of the hottest Electra breakout has been proclaimed that Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 as well maybe conceivable using very own in progressing utility in the near future. Unquestionably, it is the most excellent news that arrived so far after a stormy session of wasting time without any deal from hackers. And now, there we have more to converse. Here we go through those specifics related to approaching jailbreak for 11.2.2.

download cydia ios 11.2.2

Should you upgrade?

At this instant, there are both jailbroken and non-jailbreak chapters. Thus, being in the first category is the best and there is no doubt of its enjoying practice. So you should upgrade your broken device to none edition for any reason while being a jailbreaker. It is a golden rule that you must not ignore. Either 11.2.2 seems to reach its jailbreak as soon as possible, it will not good to upgrade your device from whatever unless you are with a serious purpose.

Can I download Cydia iOS 11.2.2?

Of course, you can. But the matter it is just a clue as indicated above and that even we do not have evidence to prove. But the update should be reliable for it taken from the developer CoolStar. It is clear that the current Electra tool is a creation based on Ian Beer’s influential exploits. And thus far, the specific use could not support any further version above 11.1.2. But now, it is great either you have been upgraded without knowing or mistakenly. As CoolStar advised, it would be better to downgrade at least to 11.2.2 and stand back patiently for their turn.

As he has been clarified, many of those fixes of the toolkit that used behind exist implement are applicable over 11.2 and above too. And the project is not completed for they have been searching for a newer exploit to make it the best. In such a situation, it is pointless looking for the breakout soon. It will take few more weeks to confirm everything.

download cydia ios 11.2.2

Download Cydia iOS 11.2.2 from Saurik?

Cydia is a brave and a demanding offer of Jay Freeman for jailbroken devices. With recent jailbreak tools, there are a couple of considerations for Saurik has not updated Cydia for the eleventh OS. Therefore, even for those who used LiberiOS as well has to use theme folder and .deb on their PCs to setup tweaks and so on. In such situation, the next Electra either will not be able to see that soon.

Winding up

So it is clear that jailbreakers gradually expand their possibilities. And even current utilities have not permitted for direct Cydia thus far. And for the developer CoolStar confirmed that there should be an advanced exploit, the coming utility will not be able to collect in the near future. Let your iDevice count the current chapter until it confirmed that users capable to upgrade 11.2.2 and jailbreak right away.

Get ready for the jailbreak of iOS 11.2 Cydia

It was great that we could encounter a brand new edition of the 11th operating system a couple of days back. It was the edition that we passed betas more than a month from the prior 11.1. However, at this time, Apple has been contained few considerable features and enhancements to the OS including person-to-person money transferring approach. And it is essential for those pretty devotees who highly regard security amendments apart from those individuals wish for iOS 11.2 Cydia. So just be cool and check your stand certainly for whatever decision will make you regret.

ios 11.2 cydia

What’s new?

iOS 11.2 is the chapter that unfastened Apple Pay cash new payment system. In simple, users are able to receive money just with a simple request from their contacts throughout iMessages in the Messages app. And for Siri as well grow into more intelligent behind the 11th iPhone OS, you can even ask Siri to accomplish the transaction. Besides, iPhone 8 Plus/8 and iPhone X users will encounter 7.5W faster wireless charging from third-party accessories. And not only these, there are a couple of deeper enrichments such as video camera and Calendar app steadiness, repaired animation in Calculator app and so on apart from often bug fixes that taken from the prior version.

By the way, when we come to security measures that remained with the previous have been increased for a better care.

Release of iOS 11.2 Cydia download

ios 11.2 cydia

Since beloved Cydia comes as a wind up of jailbreak, it is the point that we should not miss. Since the day we could arrive at 10.2.1 with the Sangon jailbreak, jailbreakers remained hopefully to reach something splendid related to further versions too. But miserably we are at the same level even after capturing the eighth edition of the eleventh iPhone OS.

However, do not let your jailbroken iDevice fall apart upgrading to a non-jailbreak version. Though still, we are able to downgrade 11.2, it is not the point. As the company already closed gates of each chapter with jailbreak iOS 11.2 tools, you can only return to those levels and that even could not arrive at its destination.

In my opinion, hackers will not hurry to drop a breakout as there are few more editions to bring to an end before commencing those recent ones. If you have been waiting anxiously, there is nothing to do apart from stick around same stations for few more weeks.

Jailbreakers behind iOS 11.2 Cydia

By the way, there is no doubt of hackers being chasing 11.2 same as all we passed thus far. But the matter is, there is a long breach between 10.2.1 and the hottest 11.2 which arise from the final jailbroken chapter. If you have been decided to move up your device to the recent, your status will no longer valid and will not be able to return to jailbroken status for it seems to be far from here. Moreover, there is an order for the whole non-jailbreak array to become broken. Thus, there is no doubt that each episode will encounter its destination timely and not that soon.

Everything you need to know about Jailbreak iOS 11.1 – iOS 11.1.2

iOS 11 major update has already given a large number of new features to the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch devices. Among these new features in the latest main firmware, customizable Control Center, new Animoji feature, Augmented Reality with ARKit, drag and drop option for the iPad are taking the first places. Also, the security of the 11th major version has increased when it compares with the earlier iOS 10 and 9 updates.

jailbreak iOS 11.1

With all new release of iOS, the system is getting more and more strong which makes the operating system so difficult to download Cydia. The main reason is that the developers who develop Apple mobile operating system patch the security mistakes of the released versions with every new software update launch. We assume that you Cydia download followers here because you have hundreds of reason to jailbreak iOS 11.1 to 11.1.2 version.

Any Available Method to Jailbreak iOS 11.1 – 11.1.1?

Right now, there is a possible method to download Cydia iOS 11.1 – 11.1.1  we’re not sure that the tool is available for the general iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users. Liang Chen, a hacker from the world famous KeenLab team which is from South Korea has demoed iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak on the newly released iPhone X. This was shown at the POC 2017, security and hacking conference which was held in South Korea. The tool has no a name yet but this is a great victory for the whole Cydia community.

This is not the first jailbreak demonstration from the Keen Lab developers. You may know that a few weeks earlier, the same developers have already shown iOS 11 beta 2 Cydia download at the Mobile Security Conference 2017 in Shanghai, China.

Can I Download Cydia for iOS 11.1.2?

As we know, the developer Liang Chen made his jailbreaking tool for the 11.1.1 version and the iOS 11.1.2 minor update was released after the jailbreak reveal. However, this newest software update contains a bug fix that iPhone X’s display becomes unresponsive at the cold temperature. Probably, the Apple has also fixed the jailbreak possibility which was found in the prior version so we’re unable to make sure that the iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak is possible at the moment. Anyhow, as of now, we suggest you keep avoiding upgrade the software version of your device to save the Cydia installer download availability.

Jailbreak iOS 11.1 Release Date

Seems the iPhone X jailbreak on iOS 11.1.1 was performed only for the researching purpose, so if these developers able to download Cydia iOS 11.1, they will not deliver it to the hands of the public iDevice users. But the fact is that this has already given us a hope of jailbreaking so, the famous hackers like Pangu and TaiG will be able to find the exploits and make a way to download Cydia for iOS 11.1.

So, follow us to know the latest news of jailbreak iOS 11.1.

How to Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 with Saïgon Jailbreak

Finally, a jailbreaking solution for iOS 10.2.1 has been released by a new character to the Cydia community whose name is Abraham Masri. Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 with Saïgon was developed using the exploits from the famous developers Luca Todesco,  Adam Donenfeld, Ian Beer. The creator of the Saïgon jailbreak has already noticed that who was helped to make complete this on his official website. It’s time to say goodbye to the 32-bit device owners because this jailbreak is only compatible with the 64-bit devices so, in this time iPhone 5 and iPhone 5c have loss the Cydia download.

jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

Right now, a few users are using 10.2.1 update on their iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices because Apple has released a number of updates after the 10.2.1 version release. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to downgrade to this firmware because Apple has already closed the door for the 10.2.1 sign in. Also, there is no way to sign in for iOS 10.3.3 and 11.0 update because Apple closed the door for these firmwares too. However, Saïgon jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 is only possible with the iDevices that still running on this version.

Saïgon Jailbreak Compatible with these Devices

  • iPhone 7/ 7 plus
  • iPhone 6s/ 6s plus
  • iPhone 6 plus/ 6s
  • iPhone SE/ 5s
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad mini 2/ 3/ 4
  • iPad Air/ Air 2
  • iPod touch 6G

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 with Saïgon

  • Download the Cydia Impactor and Saïgon.ipa file
  • Open Impactor and connect your device
  • Drag the Saïgon.ipa file and drop onto Cydia impactor
  • Enter your Apple ID and passcode
  • The Saïgon tool will install on your device
  • Go to Settings > Profiles & Device Management
  • Find the certificate of this tool and tap on it to make trust
  • Go back to Home screen and open Saïgon app
  • Tap on “Jailbreak” to download Cydia
  • The device will reboot and the iOS 10.2.1 Cydia installer will install automatically

Note: At the moment, IPA file of Saïgon jailbreak is not available to the public iDevice users so, to Cydia download, you need to create the ipa file. To create this file, you’ll need to use Xcode and the source code of this tool.

iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak – Facts to Remember

Based on the comments on Reddit, most of the people have been facing issues with the Saïgon. This is the alfa version of the jailbreaking application so, we suggest you be patient until the developer fixes these issues. This is also a semi-tethered jailbreak as the yalu 10.2 Cydia so, it necessary to re-launch the app and jailbreak iOS 10.2.1. In the official site, they have mentioned that if the jailbreaking is failed, reboot and try again. Did you download Cydia installer for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, let us know.



Pangu Jailbreak Download for iOS 11.0.1 Cydia Download

iOS 11.0.1 Cydia Download

Apple has released their latest mobile operating system at 19th of September 2017 with a lot of new features and improvements of the interface. However, worldwide iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users were moved to the newest iOS 11 version and most of them complained that the new update has some errors. A few days later Apple released iOS 11.0.1 minor update to fix bugs. This update did not include new features but it has updated most of the features that failed in iOS 11. The developers have focused the security of the iDevices and they did not publish all the updated security features due to the customers’ protection. Because of this matter creating a fitting jailbreak is become hard at this time. If you were searching for a iOS 11.0.1 Cydia download method in every sphere of the world wide web we are pretty sure that you do not meet a single solution for bypass this stuff.

iOS 11.0.1 Cydia Download using Pangu Jailbreak Download

As you already know, Cydia download is an impossible mechanism without jailbreaking an iDevice completely or partially. Pangu download could help you to jailbreak an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch device completely because this is an untethered jailbreaking option. There were fully untethered jailbreak options have been released by this developing teams and right now, we’re expecting iOS 11.0.1 Cydia download from the same jailbreakers. By using these, you are able to make more differences to the Apple device and download Cydia third-party app store on the iDevice. All the end users can use the Pangu jailbreak download iOS as,

  • An unlocking method in a non-US country.
  • This procedure allows granting administrative privileges of the device.
  • It works as an unlocking theorem of Apple mobile to use GSM bands in any country.
  • After a successful JB, you can use Facetime over 3G or 4G signals in any part of the world.
  • Due to granting admin access, all users are able to change or remove and access all the part of the Apple device.
  • Apple mobile device may boost the performance after using this JB on your device.
  • This process is completely legal and fully reversible so there is no any little thing to be nervous before admitting with this action.

Can Pangu Release iOS 11.0.1 Cydia Soon?

Pangu jailbreak download

First of all, we should say that the answer is NO. This version of jailbreak has not implemented yet. So, that we have to agog until the JB releasing date. The developers of this tool have demonstrated a video that Cydia download using an iPhone 7 that running in iOS 11 beta at a Tech Conference. The jailbreaking option was compatible with iOS 11.0.1 so, that we can keep faith on Pangu jailbreak team that they will public their latest version of the tool in near future.

We tried to inform you that there is no any way to iOS 11.0.1 Cydia download yet and do not be caught by illegal and monetary chicanery affairs and be patient until this team released the best JB that compatible with all the devices. If you need Cydia installer in a soon date the best option is to downgrade the OS version and wait until a proper jailbreak released in a few more days. With reference to this article, we hope that you got a nice update about upcoming Pangu Jailbreak download iOS and features of an iDevice as well.

iOS 11 Download – How to fix issues?

Thanks to jailbreakers we could arrive at 10.2 a couple of months back though there is a dragging gap between the last and the hottest iOS 11 download. It is just a week from its launch and seems there are a couple frequent issues that users have to discern and resolve their own. Either you were waiting for a utility that supports download Cydia for the 11th, this would be useful to bookmark that you will need to resolve in future.


Resolve issues of iOS 11 download

Still did not collect software update announcement?

Though getting Software update alert is frequent, some of the users may not be able to reach the announcement soon after. Device compatibility installed, Golden Master and a couple of reason is there that stand against you. With the 11th OS, you can only become a member if you possess a 64bit model. In case you got a 32bit one, you already dropped out of the way. And for the GM version got the same identity with the build number, the update notification will not there.

32bit apps will not work

Well, this is just a normal query for the 11th major deal cannot support them anyway. Those who embraced any 32bit app have to ignore them if they decided to a long life with the recent firmware. Or there is single escape option for 10.3.3 still welcomes downgrades that support all removed ones from the latest.

Apps getting crashed

It is one of the terrible experiences that third-party apps getting crashed after upgrading to a new OS. So, it recommended updating each and every application before step forward on a new firmware launch. But, it does not matter you missed it. Simply go to the App store and update those crashing ones. If there is a huge deal, you can completely remove the specific app and reinstall it.

Battery Drain trouble

This is another terrible frequent issue that you have to carefully resolve. You have to refresh background apps, keep the device face down, uninstall useless apps and media, low power mode activation and further can use as simple actions to resolve them. So it is just a normal issue that even depend on how long you use it for social media, videos, games, chatting and everything. It is up to you to maintain your battery life reducing its stress. Let your device free and remain for a long removing additional affairs that let it down.

ios 11 download

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi can’t switch directly over the Control Center

This became one of most talkative queries of the hottest operating system. As Apple clarified, this function has a special duty that has to remain for some tasks through the user command to switch down limited connections. Those important movements like Apple Watch, AirDrop, AirPlay and so on will connect with even after you want to turn them down.

iPad users have to face iPad dock disappearing issue

Actually, disappearing action of the iPad Dock is not an issue for Apple already known it just as a movement. If you worried about it, there is a simple action that you can arrange to simply open it right back. Put your finger on the bottom of the iPad display and swipe up. It will be there right away.

Jailbreak capabilities of download iOS 11.0

ios 11 download

Those who were looking for its breakout might fall apart because of there are no paramount clarifications regarding. A couple of days ago, 8.4.1 finally reached its breakout and became an untethered recently. But for it was just arranged for 32bit models, it is crying shame about 64bit iPhone and iPad. In case you entered to 11.0 without knowing its unstable Cydia download capabilities, you can only downgrade to 10.3.3 or else remains on the 11th chapter with the hope of a new breakout as soon as possible. It seems there is a huge barrier against 64bit ranges even that cannot resolve 10.2.1 – 10.3.2 that promised a couple of weeks back. There is no doubt of the breakout for the 11th OS goes far for prior versions has to encounter their destination first. And even yalu as well unveiled on December last year after a long from the announcement of the OS 10. So the, what will happen? Stay tuned.

Final Destination of iOS 11 Jailbreak

Considering the latest update of the Apple mobile OS stream it shows the iOS 11 spontaneity. The majority of Apple mobile devices users are searching for a better way to Cydia download after every major Apple mobile OS release. This 11th iOS major version replaces the 10th iteration at the present day society. Most of the jailbreak developers have dedicatory their time to create a better solution for Cydia download iOS 11.

iOS 11 jailbreak

The keynote for this installation is iOS 11 jailbreak only. There are a number of rumors at the society gossips about the impending iOS jailbreak but there is no any method has released for Cydia download at the moment. For the first time, the KeenLab developers demoed a method to jailbreak the 11th beta versions. This exploit definitely might patch by the releasing next iOS version because of the KeenLab performances compatible only with early betas of the 11th edition.

Latest Update of iOS 11 Jailbreak

The KeenLab demonstration was the only clue of iOS 11 jailbreak at this time. at the MOSEC conference 2017 held in China. They used three Apple handsets to demo this solution and the Apple mobile OS was a beta update. At that day the team could sideload the KeenLab application into each device and then they executed the app after tapping the trust button. In the next moment, they tapped on the “Start” and the device got the reboot. Once complete the rebooting manner the device was with Cydia app store. They used the Cydia Impactor for install the app into devices using the sideload process.

Recent Update of iOS 10th Iteration Jailbreak

Most of the people were advertence on HITBGSEC conference what held in Singapore 2017 for any clue of the latest iOS 11 jailbreak. Fertilize these intents Mr. Adam Denenfeld addressed the conference and asked that there is a proper jailbreaking method is on the way. It will be implemented in a few weeks after released the 11th major version in September. This will be the recent untethered jailbreak solution what compatible with the tenth major version. Those people who are waiting for this information got an immense pleasure knowing about the brand new untethered jailbreaking solution what planned to offer in the next few days.

Team Pangu Performances of iOS Jailbreak

ios 11 jailbreak compatible devices

The Pangu team is a most trustworthy app developing team among all the Apple mobile users. They came to the peak of faith because of releasing multiple successful jailbreaks. After a complete research of the security features inbuilt on iOS 10.3 series the Pangu developers created a superior compatible jailbreak and demoed at the Janus center, China while holding the mobile security conference. Pangu team was used an iPhone 7 with iOS 10.3.1 to Cydia download. They followed the same way as KeenLab developers. Used the Cydia Impactor tool for side-loading the application into the iDevice and executed the application. After that, they tapped on the “Start” button. Once completed the rebooting the device appeared the Cydia icon on the home screen. The jailbreak solution has not mixed with the air yet and it might release after iOS 11th edition unleashed perhaps with the iOS 11 jailbreak.

Why you should not download iOS 11?

So there are only a couple of hours for the next generational iPhone operating system to get a show on the road. As promised, Apple has been prepared everything for the launch that scheduled today the 19th September in accordance with rumors. Files app, renovated control panel, Siri, iPad dock and further over hundreds have been admirably put in an order. However, will it know the ropes on your iDevice? Though honestly, it is unwilling to wait, there are a couple of that point the way you not to download iOS 11.

download ios 11

Why should not I download iOS 11?

Not like any prior edition, the 11th operating system has many explanations that you should not install. Most of those are based on Cydia download that will certainly put you into worry unless you are conversant with. First of all, confirm whether you are eligible since some of iDevices are not there amidst the compatible devices.

  • iPod touch (6th generation)
  • iPad Mini 2 – 4
  • iPad Air/2
  • iPad (5th generation)
  • 10.5inch/9.7inch iPad Pro
  • 12.9inch iPad Pro (1st and 2nd generations)

If you are looking for Cydia download

download ios 11

For most of you probably are jailbreakers and waiting for Cydia, it is a huge barrier that you should decide before you put your finger. In my opinion, it is difficult to have faith in that hackers will drop the breakout that sooner. Still, Yalu is only that remain with 10.2 unto 10, and that said to be patched in 10.2.1 and higher. Moreover, even Yalu arrived on December last year, more than three months from the launch of the 10. Those who are dedicatedly endured with jailbroken sessions must recall that upgrading their devices definitely kill Cydia download possibilities and even won’t let you return to. You must hold for a couple of months till there will be something confident.

You better repeat the rule on the peak and that recall you to sit tight with whichever jailbreakable station without catch a version which has no any evidence yet. Also, there is another thing that must note here evoking the eleventh has to stay far till hackers decide to end all prior.

32bit applications

This is another reason that you should stay away from. Since Apple already confirmed, there is no way for 32bit apps to work on the 11th platform. Thus, in case there are you beloved applications, upgrading will no longer let you be with them. Just open a list of compatible apps of the 11.0 and decide where you should be. Of course, there you can discover some of the similar ones, but the same never again. Though the downgrade to 10.3.3 door will open for a couple of days, it as well will rapidly close without letting you return to what you cherished.

download ios 11

Ahead to download iOS 11

By the way, let me tell you what my decision is. I decide not to shift for my iPhone is a jailbroken one and also there are a couple of 32bit apps as well. Though it is frequent to see crowd after major iOS launches, it is not the same for people like us since jailbreaking is one of our major purposes. Honestly, without download Cydia, you cannot hook themes, arrange default apps, enhancements for third-party apps and so on that non-jailbreak structure could not pass thus far. However, it is up to you toward making a determination the position you should make camp. The deal will open to the audience from 10.00 am onwards. Will you capture or not?

Everything behind iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release

And finally, Apple proudly launched respective deals of the year 2017 yesterday during September Keynote rumors since a couple of weeks. iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release became the most highlighted session from all. The all new iDevice made the whole event glamor proposing exclusive features, measurements and dozens of collectives for the first time. However, the X was the most talkative launch and that absolutely bring in to play whispered wireless charging, fully sealed glass figure, facial recognition, A11 Bionic chip and more. So today, we better just keep Jailbreak iOS 11 away and go through hottest deals before they get fade. There are a lot of dimensions, features, characters, release dates and even prices are there officially that you should know.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release specifics

While iPhone X has been new to the generation, the 8th series has been substituted for those predicted 7s and 7s plus ranges. But, sanctioning gossips, the brand-new iPhone X brought amazing features throughout both appearance and its functionality. And the two other concurrence device models as well take along modified functionalities and presences but not as much as the X. Thus, the X will often lead our narrations for its significance.

However, the device X was introduced during “One More Thing” event scheduled during yesterday gathering. The display is known as a super Retina and that a high-class offer even than two others. And furthermore, it is known as an OLED kit that comes with the perseverance of 2436 x 1125 and 458ppi. Also, it is an edge-to-edge which free from a Home key. The Face ID that stated will be the destination that will no longer use any other locks while featuring facial recognition. Cameras are 7-megapixels and support varies connected features such as Face ID that indicated above and to capture wide color ranges.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

This will approach in two colors of Space Gray and Silver. Capacities are 64GB and 256GB. Height is 5.56 inches while the rest comes in sizes of 2.79 inches of width, 0.30 inches in depth and 6.14 ounces of weight.

Furthermore, the 8 and 8 Plus will arrive in three finishing colors of Gold, Silver and Space Gray. Respective capacities are 64GB and 256GB that even became the barrier for price ranges. Anyhow, height, width, depth and weight differs in each 8 and 8 plus model as 5.45inch – 6.24inch, 2.65inch – 3.07inch, 0.29inch – 0.30inch and 5.22 ounces – 7.13 ounces orderly. And there are further surrounded frequent Retina HD displays and different dimensions which will perfectly work with the approaching 11th OS.

Golden Master release

There is no any new update behind the 11th GM version launch since all were covered by three iDevices that bring into play amazing functionalities. However, those who are eligible to count the update and have ready with respective deals able to grab it right away. Here is how the hottest firmware works and dressed.

Release date and further

The device X is going to arrive starting at $ 999 proving that rumors became true at least for a single range. Therefore, you can deal 64GB to $999 and the other 256GB to $1149. Since October 27th planned to commence pre orders, on November 3rd onwards, you will be able to catch it through online stores.

Furthermore, pre-orders of the rest two other device models as well have differences. Thus, the 8 will obtainable starting from $699 for 64GB and $849 for 256GB. Besides, the 8 Plus will available starting from $799 for 64GB and the next 256GB for $949. So both device releases have been promised on 15th for pre orders and from online stores on 22nd this month.

By the way, for developing purposes, the model X will draw to far while the others will start their official launches within next couple of days. Those who are excited to purchase better keep watching for few more days patiently.

iphone 8, x and ios 11 release

Jailbreak iPhone 8, X and iOS 11 release

For we often discussed regarding jailbreak proficiency of upcoming iDevices and iOS sessions too, we cannot end this narration even without putting a single word. Whether jailbreakers proved jailbreak proficiency of whichever these new arrivals? The answer is no. Since we could not even pass 24 hours from the proclamation, we have nothing to truly concern Cydia download on respective deals. But there are clues something proper will be here shortly after their official promotions, just stay there until this November, for jailbreakers too have to pull things together.

iOS 11 Final Update Released for the Public – Download iOS 11

The widest mobile operating system of the world Apple iOS 11 version finally reached the official release and you can download iOS 11 update on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch device. This is the most protected and the brand new iOS firmware in the Apple’s history. There are many new options have contained in this version with unbelievable features. For your information, this version has all the features which included in the previous 10th update and also come with latest technology. This may be a remarkable mobile OS in the history because of these security updates with the APFS. Because of no one can hack this system in the present day. So there is no any method to download Cydia iOS 11 as the previous 10th versions. If recount the upgraded areas, the brand new edition has focused on these features.

download iOS 11

  • Can locate the final location of the AirPods and can play a sound on AirPods to find easily.
  • Siri facility has updated to perform payments, scheduling, checking car status including fuel level and lock status, check live updates of Indian Premier League and ICC scores using each application.
  • Has upgraded the car play to create playlists, update the album and more other features.
  • Expanded VoiceOver facility and more other features including high security.

To use these features you have to get only one decision that install iOS 11 update on your iDevice. The Apple Inc has not mentioned all the updated security platforms to protect their customers as well.

How to download iOS 11 update

You can download this edition using two separate ways such as using OTA and iTunes. In the sense, You can download iOS 11 update from your own Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch which using a 64-bit processor or you can download iOS 11 update using a Windows or MacOS related personal computer. The second way is the recommended to updates. If you need to download Cydia iOS 11 in the future the OTA update may not support with this installation. So you will have to restore your Apple mobile device using iTunes. That is why the best way is using iTunes to update the device.

OTA method to update

OTA term stands for Over The Air. This means you are unable to use a PC to perform this action. The WiFi connection is all enough to download iOS 11 update on your Apple iDevice.

  • Go to >> Settings >> General >> Software Update of the iPhone, iPad ot iPod Touch 6th generation.
  • After that, the system will check the latest update.
  • The device will display that the iOS brand new edition is available for the iDevice.
  • Click the “Download and Install” button to continue.
  • Then the Apple mobile device will require the “Pass Code” of the device to go forward.
  • Next, to enter this, you have to touch on “Install Now” button to accept the terms and conditions of the latest update.
  • After these steps, click on “Install Now” button.
  • Eventually, the system will download iOS new version over the OTA mode.

Download iOS 11 update using iTunes

download iOS 11

This is the recommended way to update Apple operating systems all the time. You need to procure a Windows or Mac personal computer to make this process happen. Follow the steps to download iOS new update.

  • Download iTunes latest version.
  • Install it on a Windows or Mac related personal computer.
  • Connect iDevice to the computer using a USB cable.
  • iTunes will run automatically otherwise you have to execute the iTunes manually.
  • Click the device icon in the iTunes window and click “Check for updates”.
  • Then the application will check and will display you download iOS latest version update inside.
  • Clicks on the “Download and Install” button to update the Apple device to the latest version.

To enjoy more features on any iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can update the iOS to the latest. This is an amazing operating system that released for public use. You can update the program using OTA and iTunes as we described previously. If you are a seeker of new technologies iOS 11 is a must you need to try out.