All-new jailbreak tweaks behind Cydia iOS 11.3.1

Although it seems there is nothing much significant to consider in these days, there are tons of new Cydia tweaks that still you could not capture. So here is our list of tweaks behind Cydia iOS 11.3.1. If you are with a jailbroken iDevice, it is your turn to move on. Rather than keep eyes with a new jailbreak, it is better to count that are already there for you. Here we go.

cydia ios 11.3.1

What’s new for Cydia iOS 11.3.1?

  • Crystal

Those who are looking for a simple utility that supports them to swiftly remove all missed notifications, this is the perfect one. It comes for free that will set you free from those notifications on your Lock screen and the Notification panel as well.

  • AnemationLESS

Throughout, you can completely remove animations behind Anemone app.

  • DarkTables

DarkTables is another free Cydia tweak. This app capable to change the common dark theme by go together that the tweak you suggest with further experience. Moreover, you can even get some rapid user interface modifications as well.

  • BlueUI

The label text of the device will simply turn into blue when you are with BlueUI.

  • GPS Master

Navigate to a fake GPS location using GPS Master which capable to simulate some other location in the map.

  • SCRemoveAds

This is a utility that stands to remove advertisements from your beloved official Snapchat tool.

  • Zoomer

Zoomer allows users to bring amazing Zoom Camera functions on their devices that we capture through iPhone 7 Plus and above.

  • Malleus

Since there users with iOS 12 capable to hear a sound when they start using 3D Touch-based camera, this can simply turn to iOS 11 versions as well when you are jailbroken thanks to Malleus.

  • TWPlus

This is the application that lets you to gain a heap of improved features on your Twitter.

  • Moonshine

Those who love to play semi-circular charge animation of Apple watch just on their iDevices can deal with Moonshine, and that stands to set the particular feature on any installed device.

  • DirectNolnstaOpen

This can prevent the often Instagram launch of the Direct app

  • PrivateSafari

PrivateSafari is kind of a security app. It can protect you during mobile Safari Private Browsing period by necessitate verification to view history

  • TippedTWB

Most desirable features can be brought on your Tweetbot utility in iOS.

  • BatteryColor

BatteryColor is another bright all-new Cydia tweak which specifically arranged to color the battery on your status bar.

  • Ambit

Once you invoke Reachability, Ambit will hide keyboard of iOS.

  • CleanPasscodeXI

Simply remove Emergency and Cancel buttons of UI by make passcode screen appearance clear and clean.

cydia ios 11.3.1

Cydia iOS 11.3.1 with Unc0ver

Unc0ver is the most recent jailbreak tool that arrives with a couple of amazing features. With that, it capable to support in advance even than the previous Electra tool. However, those who go through whatever breakout for iOS 11.0 can deal with above newfangled Cydia Tweaks and customize their devices. Moreover, there is a heap of further tweaks as well that you can find out in the future.