What’s new with iOS 13.4?

If you are an Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, you should always keep your device up to date with the most recent iOS release. So because there are rumors about iOS 13.4, we wish to unveil each and every single detail about for you all to be prepared for. Even you are a jailbreak user or not, knowing the latest OS is important for there are some essential security updates and enhancements. However, in accordance with recent reports, iOS 13.3 is the current major version that users can upgrade with. Within a few days, we will be able to collect iOS 13.3.1 as the next version as a minor release.

ios 13.4

How to download iOS 13.4?

Before getting ready to download whatever new iOS version, it is important to make sure that there is such a version that officially proclaimed by Apple. Unfortunately, iOS 13.4 is not a public arrangement thus far. And even we could not find out a proper detail or a clue of its beta release either. As experts say, because it is going to be a vast launch to the array, we may not be able to collect it that soon. And if Apple will be prepared to open it, there will be several remarkable enhancements and new arrangements as well. While I am writing this, we cannot say how the actual iOS 13.4 going to set to the array.

Features of iOS 13.4

As we said, since there is no true installation call iOS 13.4, we cannot say that what are the features we are going to deal with? But, in my opinion, Apple will set through all those features that we missed so far. But at the moment, we cannot let you know everything certainly. So we welcome you all to stay there till a proper detail will come to the audience.

ios 13.4

Final words

Those who are interested in the latest iOS version can upgrade their devices with iOS 13.3. As Apple already announced the beta of iOS 13.3.1, you will be able to grab it on your hands within a few days. But we do not know any single detail to confirm about iOS 13.4. But there is no doubt of having a such a version. Thus, be patient till the company ready to offer it with more and more new arrangements to the array. Until then, you better consider those already released versions.

Are you ready to download Cydia iOS 13.3?

As we just started the year 2020, getting interesting updates is important. There is no other topic that jailbreakers consider than jailbreaking. So we are going to keep a brief note about Download Cydia iOS 13.3. Though it is not a brand new story, it is interesting to consider things that surrounded it. So here we go. If you are with one of the devices with A5 to A11 hardware part, then this is for you to reach jailbreak apps, themes and stuff that you wish to play with. If you still could not refer what is Checkra1n, here we go.

cydia ios 13.3

Checkra1n to download Cydia iOS 13.3

As we end the previous chapter, Checkra1n is the breakout that we have to consider if it is about jailbreak the 13th OS. As the one and only utility that stands for iOS 13, Checkra1n became an interesting topic in many reports for it became the hottest release of hackers. And now we have to check this if we want to see iOS 13 as a jailbroken chapter.

However, it was Checkm8 as the exploit that highlighted with Checkra1n tool. Though we often consider exploits that are based on the operating system, checkm8 is a little far from. So it is a hardware-based exploit that we can only find out through devices that are with A5 to A11. If you are with an iDevice prior to iPhone X, this would be a great occasion to enjoy.

Guide for Cydia iOS 13.3

Firstly you have to arrange a Mac OS X machine and a cable that can connect the device to the computer in a proper manner. And then download the most recent edition of Checkra1n from their official panel and get ready to jailbreak iOS 13.3. Versions starting from iOS 12.3 can go through this without any trouble. Steps that you have to go through will guide through the operation. So you do not have to worry about the accurate operation. The Cydia package will be there at the end as a source that you can easily reach.

cydia ios 13.3

Final words

We are with Luca Todesco and his brave team behind the Checkra1n tool. There is no doubt that this is the most popular and advanced application that we ever met. You can jailbreak any compatible device and that running a compatible iOS version using this free and safe utility. As it is a beta version, we are anxious to see the complete application in the near future.

Jailbreak iOS 13 – Are you ready to welcome?

We are glad to let you know that Luca Todesco proudly uncovered something great for those who were excited about jailbreaking. It is jailbreak iOS 13 using a utility call Checkra1n. If you are with iOS 12.4 or prior, do not worry for you could not upgrade to iOS 13 before they get closed. Just check out these points we brought you. Make sure whether your decisions are correct. As it is Luca Todesco once more, there is no doubt that it will be an interesting topic.

jailbreak ios 13

Jailbreak iOS 13 with Checkm8

This is about an exploit that proclaimed by a popular hacker and a researcher Aix0mX. It is A5 to A11 hardware-based exploit and that capable to use iOS 13 jailbreak. At this moment, there is a clear photograph of an iPhone SE and an iPod Touch running iOS 13 with the Checkra1n jailbreak tool.

However, while I am writing this story, Todesco did not note that Checkra1n going to become a public tool on our hands. But it is a good point to chase when there is nothing that can find. In my opinion, whatever hacker who going to release the next breakout will get the support of these topics. We may be able to encounter the exploit Checkm8 in future releases as well.

Jailbreak iOS 13 release date

So we are ready to talk about the release date of iOS 13 jailbreak. It is pity not having proper detail from hackers about any future release. All we have is exploits that experts point out. So we just guess a new utility will reach us within the next few months. If you are with iOS 12 versions, then you have Unc0ver and Chimera. Try out them and stay calm.

iOS 13 jailbreak

Wrapping up

It is really great having a new jailbreak tool if possible. But what can we do when hackers too stand there emptily. Although we have Checkra1n there, it is not a public tool that we can reach. And even Todesco did not confirm that it will be there on our hands. At this moment, we are just with shady details that we cannot go through to realize what will happen. The only thing we note here is not to upgrade to iOS 13 versions until you realize there is an applicable jailbreak tool. Within a couple of days, iOS 13.2 will become the hottest version of the array. So it is important having a breakout before long.

A checkm8-based iOS 13 Jailbreak is imminent

With the public release of checkm8 exploit sometimes back, Luca Todesco took another chance to come into the public. And taking no longer he teased an all-new custom boot logo and frame buffer conception under checkra1n which is a jailbreak based to checkm8 exploit. Under that, Todesco’s recent tweet has come showing both 7th gen iPod Touch and iPhone SE with checkra1n jailbreak app on Home. And both these are on iOS 13 which makes us think iOS 13 jailbreak is possible. So let us check through all the possibilities.

iOS 13 jailbreak

About Checkm8 Exploit

If you are into iOS jailbreaking, you must already know about checkm8 exploit. And as it is a bootrom exploit, it cannot be patched with Apple’s usual way of a firmware upgrade. And for the happy fact, the exploit works on A5-A11 devices covering up to iPhone X jailbreak possibility. But sadly, it does not confirm iPhone XS jailbreak or newer at this moment.

Checkm8 exploit is a very interesting part of jailbreak at this stage which is found a hardware-based exploit. So this is not something based to what we already know as Chimera, Unc0ver or similar as to time so far. And as long as it is exposed, we are open to a new jailbreak tool release. And as for the work so far, we see powerful demonstrations to iOS 13 jailbreak too.

Luca Todesco and iOS 13 jailbreak

Todesco’s interest towards checkm8 exploit is revealed his recent tweet. Todesco explained about a how much work he has put into this exploit. And Todesco himself is a lot excited here about how smooth the work goes with Checkm8 so far. So we could expect Todesco to work more on the exploit bringing a better response to jailbreak iOS 13. With his latest checkra1n jailbreak app update, we clearly see jailbreak possibility on iOS 13 jailbreak.

We could make any predictions on jailbreak and Cydia. But seeing all work going in the backstage, we could stay hopefully about a possible iOS 13 jailbreak very soon. But that will not be easier as Apple keep its faster upgrading cycle as it is. So everything goes excited on the jailbreak world. And with all work by Todesco so far, we could expect another working jailbreak very soon in focused the most awaiting iOS 13. So stay tuned to know all progress to checkra1n jailbreak project.

About all the updates to iOS 13 Jailbreak

If you have been paying attention to the updates of iOS jailbreak, you must already know about checkm8 exploit that has become a wide topic for all users around. And if you wait for iOS 13 jailbreak, this is one of the biggest points you should keep watching. So let us see what are the news updated in jailbreak and Cydia about a new tool release.

iOS 13 jailbreak
More into checkm8 exploit

As we brought to you earlier, Checkm8 exploit is a Bootrom exploit that cannot be covered with Apple’s usual software update. So it a big opportunity exposed to the whole jailbreak community with all work by the developer Axi0mX. And thanks to him, this is the first public release of a Bootrom exploit after 2010. This works on a wide device range as A5-A11 including iPhone X.

Sooner than later from the checkm8 update, we found Electra-led CoolStar with an announcement showing off his interest in more work with checkm8. As to his confirmations, he has officially shifted his focus from other experiments and now works in focus iOS 12.1.3 and later jailbreak. And not making that the only thing, the most recent news coming from Luca Todesco showing his keen interest in the same checkm8 exploit towards iOS 13 jailbreak and more.

Luca Todesco and iOS 13 Jailbreak

Luca Todesco is one of the unavoidable names when it comes to iOS jailbreaking. Being one of the hard-working people in the scene, he has recently come with some images showing what it means to be a custom boot logo and a frame buffer text display assisted with checkm8 exploit. And this can be taken a big proof of checkm8 exploit showing how powerful a Bootrom exploit could mean for jailbreaking.

In concerned to iOS 13 jailbreak and Cydia, we do not have anything new above what has demoed when iOS 13 has been testing. So there, checkm8 exploit is one of the most powerful pieces of news we come across to keep looking at jailbreak iOS 13. But with nothing confirmed, we could not tell anything clear on the situation. However, we have enough evidence already to keep looking into something positive sooner. So hope to write you back with more jailbreak and Cydia Download updates.

When will the next jailbreak be released? Will it be Luca or CoolStar? It is time to reveal your comments.

About checkm8 exploit by Axi0mX

We find various news and updates to jailbreak from time to time. And by now “Checkm8 exploit” is the most demanding topic that has come to the public so recent with all work by the developer Axi0mX. This is a big topic for all jailbreak fans with a mounting hope about a new tool update. So let us see everything around the exploit update and its promise on a new tool release.

checkm8 exploit

Update: Apple has stopped all signing windows to iOS 13.1.1, iOS 13.0 and iOS 12.4 following the latest iOS 13.1.2 release. However, it signs through iOS 13.1 which too will be changed in the near future

About Checkm8 Exploit

Checkm8 exploit is winning a lot of consideration of the public as this is the first Bootrom exploit that came to the public ever since 2010. It has already confirmed working for a wide device range from iPhone 4 to not too old iPhone X device. And with the recent twitter update, developer @Axi0mX shows it works on iPhone X running the latest iOS 13.1.1. It clearly shows Jailbreak iPhone X about only seconds after the verbose boot screen appears.

Even though we find no support for a new jailbreak tool update yet, we see a fine support through iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak. And as it is now in the public, we could expect more developers to work on that giving up a reliable jailbreak chapter.

CoolStar works on Checkm8

Checkm8 is just an exploit but not a complete jailbreak. But it is obviously one of the major pieces of a complete jailbreak possible to come in the days ahead. That has proven by CoolStar already saying he is interested in working with the new exploit. So he has officially confirmed he stops working for A12 (X) device jailbreak and will continue with 12.1.3 and later. This is a great piece of news in hears on checkm8 exploit. So there will soon be something new fulfilling the requirement for a new tool update.

iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak is possible!

From the very first demo on checkm8 exploit, we found iOS 13.1.1 jailbreak possibilities. Although it is not officially confirmed, we could hopefully wait for that through more work on the new exploit. So we invite you to stay signed with everything and get all the updates soon once received.

iOS 13 jailbreak for everyone

Are you looking for what is next? If you carefully notice headlines of reliable sources that we often visit, the release of iOS 13 and iPhone 11 series is the vast event that we should be prepared for. Behind that, we have to turn the chapter to the iOS 13 jailbreak as well. So we start this post to let you know what is new and even what we will have to pass as well. If you are a jailbreaker, make sure that you know following.

ios 13 jailbreak

Compatibility of iOS 13 jailbreak

As we are closer to iPhone 11 and 11 Pro as two recent releases, it is good to make sure whether your device capable to go through Cydia iOS 13? You may be with any previous iDevice, waiting to encounter the coming tool. But for that we should confirm which will be the approaching breakout. Of course, sources are empty and they do not have proper directions for jailbreakers who are waiting for.

Because of the new hardware frame, that iPhone 11 series will bring, we should remember to get details from hackers if the newfangled frame too capable to collect the jailbreak. We cannot come to a certain point with few things we have right now.

Rumors for iOS 13 jailbreak

Rumors and predictions are the most powerful details that we can encounter while waiting for a jailbreak. But we do not have such interesting details thus far apart from Luca Todesco’s video clip of iOS 13 beta 8. Since it is about a beta, we cannot that easily say the public version too will come with the same security holes. And even unlike previous years, there is no considerable evidence to come to a certain point.

ios 13 jailbreak

Final words

It is iOS 13 that we will encounter from a few further days. Everything new will be there on your hands to support you on your iPhone or iPad. If you wish to become a user of an iPhone 11, you will start the journey with everything new. But we do not know how the jailbreak capability will reach the audience. And even we do not have a proper confirmation about the jailbreaker who will be there behind. So we should make sure if iOS 13 will be able to jailbreak to upgrade or not. If you upgrade from 12.4 to 12.4.1 or 13, you are no longer a jailbreak user and you should remain for a new release.

How to download Cydia using iOS 12.4 jailbreak?

Today we are with an interesting topic related to iOS 12.4 jailbreak. There are two separated public tools if you need to download Cydia on your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12.4 namely Unc0ver and Chimera. Both support to collect Cydia features in their own ways. However, because of shady reasons, these can only support you when you are with iOS 12 to 12.2 and 12.4 excluding 12.3 to 12.3.2. Therefore, it is important to make sure about your current standing before make a decision. Somehow, none of those tools let you count the 13th iPhone operating system either.

jailbreak ios 12.4

iOS 12.4 jailbreak using Chimera and Unc0ver

in accordance with reliable reports, CoolStar the one who released Electra jailbreak and Pwn20wnd are the two developers behind these considerable jailbreak projects. Each tool has its own method of install to the device. The most popular method is to load the jailbreak iOS 12.4 app using Cydia Impactor. Once the app brings to the device, the entire procedure goes with the single jailbreak button there. Unc0ver will let you download the exclusive Cydia package right away. Chimera has some other way to let you reach Cydia tweaks and all the jailbreak apps. We call it the Sileo app that will automatically download as an alternative to Cydia at the end of the process.

But the best deal is that Sileo lets you collect those repositories of Cydia right away or else the Cydia app as a download through. You can choose any method to stay closer to jailbreak features.

ios 12.4 jailbreak

iOS 13 and iOS 12.4 jailbreak

Though we are excited to consider 12.4, it is not that much great to go through details about iOS 13. Thus we should be careful about upgrade to 13 until its jailbreak capability will confirm. So it is completely about having a public tool and not just rumors or predictions. Thus, we cannot simply say that we have clarifications from Luca Todesco about a couple of possible exploits of entering into the 13th OS. His final reveal was about the 8th beta of iOS 13. But we cannot make sure about the method that used for the security structure may perfectly seal when it turns into the major public release in the future. Moreover, Chimera or Unc0ver too cannot support to break the 13 at all.

By the way, jailbreaking is an interesting story when you chase reliable reports. So stay tuned with us for further clarification.  


Are you ready to download iOS 13?

As we wish since far, Apple will launch the major version of the 13th iPhone operating system within a couple of days to the public. There was a long beta array with both developer and public beta releases and will end with the key Golden Master seed just prior to iOS 13. All the promised features, apps, performances and security enrichments will be there with the coming public deal. However, are you ready to download iOS 13 on your iPhone? Either a jailbreaker or not, there are a few things that you should consider. So our post today will let you remember what are they and does your iDevice ready to welcome a brand new OS?

download ios 13

How to download iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad?

The arrival of a new operating system means you are going to enter a completely new journey with. There are two methods to install the 13th iPhone OS. First of all, you must make sure that you are with a compatible iDevice. At this time, it is the entire 64-bit device list. 32-bit devices will no longer possible to go through any further iOS version.

However, the two ways of install whatever iOS version is Over The Air and iTunes. As known to be, OTA is the easiest way to collect a new update through the software update section. But it is not a stable approach. So the second complete installation of iTunes is the method that will let you encounter the new firmware properly. But it is a little long to go through than OTA.

Moreover, when you wish to apply whatever advanced method like jailbreak, it is good to make sure that your firmware installation is stable and safe. If you select the short method, it may reason to face battery drain issues, app crashes, slow performance of the device and so on. So it is up to you to decide which would be the best way to download iOS 13 on your iDevice.

download ios 13

Jailbreak tool for download iOS 13?

Of course, this is especially for jailbreakers. At the moment, iOS 13 jailbreak is not a clear topic to discuss. Luca Todesco’s confirmations behind beta 2 and beta 8 are the only points that highlighted. Therefore, it is good to avoid 13 until make sure the public seed too capable to download Cydia. Because it is a totally new operating system, stay patiently is important as it may take more than a couple of weeks to confirm the possibility.

A new website for Unc0ver jailbreak

We are glad to report that Pwn20wnd and Coolstar work hard to offer their users a better experience of jailbreaking. With the all-new update 3.5.6, Unc0ver jailbreak brought support for devices running iOS 12.4 as well. Remounting and rootFS restore are the two key functions that have been added. So, in simple, iDevices that categorize as A12(X) capable to download Cydia and Sileo app using the latest version 3.5.6 on their devices. The best thing we are going to clarify is the all-new website that Pwn20wnd unwrapped. Here we go.

unc0ver jailbreak

The new website of Unc0ver jailbreak

This is a great detail for users who are interested in Unc0ver releases. The website will direct you through the most recent tool version and even for the older ones as well. Moreover, it will confirm the version range that they capable to support you. And those who wish to donate the project capable to go through the site for donations. Just bookmark unc0ver.dev as the all-new place where you should visit for all the reliable details of Pwn20wnd. There is no doubt that you can confirm the tool stability as well.

You are capable to download the hottest version of Unc0ver using the simply arranged download button in the website. It is iOS 11 to iOS 12.4 as the compatible version range. But the important part is iOS 12.3 to iOS 12.3.2 are not compatible ones. Once download the IPA file of Unc0ver jailbreak, you can sideload it using Cydia Impactor and then arrange the Unc0ver app on your Home. Fellows who were there with previous IPA based methods know how to go through and the rest better search for a complete guide first.

Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13

Those who are confused about iOS 13 can simply search unc0ver.dev to confirm their compatibility. However, at the moment, iOS 12.4 is the highest version that it is capable to work. But when you are with iOS 12.3 – 12.3.2, you too cannot use Unc0ver is your jailbreak tool.

unc0ver jailbreak

Wrapping up

If you were searching for an update to deal with iOS 12.4, check out Unc0ver version 3.5.6 or else Chimera either as you wish. Of course, it is the alternative to Unc0ver that users capable to use in order to jailbreak the same version array. However, using the all-new website that Pwn20wnd proclaimed, you do not have to chase fake directions. And even you can confirm what the true iOS versions that supports are.