Cydia Jailbreak status of iOS 14

Having an iPhone, iPod or iPad with jailbreak permission is really great when you know true values. Once Cydia will download on your device, you can pick up whatever tweaks and completely renew the system of the device and enjoy everything by making every task simpler. And now, as we are getting ready to greet the 14th iOS chapter, it would be good to know if there is a possible way to bring Cydia jailbreak when you will upgrade to iOS 14. During the 13th chapter that we went through the whole year, we were glad to play with Checkra1n, Unc0ver and Ra1nUSB. So let’s see if iOS 14 will receive its jailbreak on time.

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Status of Cydia jailbreak iOS 14

While I am writing this, there is a great update that must specify for we know that the team Checkra1n behind the confirmation will surely be there with iOS 14. Although it is being a few weeks from the very first developer beta of iOS 14, we are glad to note that the Checkra1n team confirmed their capability of jailbreak iOS 14. Though it was not an official confirmation of the team, for there were two developers of the team behind twitter posts, we can patiently stay there and look forward to how they are going to resolve iOS 14. Since Apple already confirmed that they patched Unc0ver with iOS 13.5.1, we cannot say how the team Unc0ver will involve for iOS 14.

Cydia tweaks for iOS 14

Since there is no possible tool that we can use to bring true Cydia features, let’s see what are the features that Apple took from jailbreakers and added to the official features list of iOS 14.

It seems Apple going to completely renew the Home screen of the iPhone in iOS 14. There are many features and widgets are one of them. Using widgets, you can do many changes and even hide pages as well. If you were a fan of the picture-in-picture feature of iPad, it is with iPhone as ell when turning to iOS 14. And even you can hide apps on your Home screen and then go to those hidden ones from the App Library. Worry about carry out some other functions during videos? This too will end when you will upgrade to iOS 14 within a few further months. And also, iMessages too received a special feature call that will let you keep pinned message chats.

Guide to download Cydia for iOS 14

Want to download Cydia for iOS 14? It seems we are no far from jailbreak iOS 14 for Checkra1n already prided evidence that they can go through and even download Cydia in it. Checkra1n is a familiar tool and that we used for devices with iOS 13. However, for it was just evidence and that cannot use as public users, we have to patiently count days for the release of their next jailbreak. There were Dany Lisiansky and Sam Bingner with their evidence accordingly.  On both, we could confirm that Cydia Package manager works on iOS 14 running iPhone X. Here is a further about the clarification.

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Cydia for iOS 14 using Checkra1n jailbreak

Those who went through Checkra1n know everything about the tool from A to Z. It is the tool and that developed using an exploit called checkm8. Because it is a hardware-based technique, devices with A5 to A11 can expand even the version will continually enhance its security features. For the same reason, it seems the team could skip the line and arrive at iOS 14 beta 1 as well. It a great occasion for reports said that the 14th iPhone OS going to offer an advanced security arrangement than ever to fix the previous 13th chapter’s errors.

Release date of Cydia for iOS 14

Since it is just the initial version of iOS 14, we cannot say how the story will write by jailbreakers. As the initial release too takes a few further weeks than previous years, the final release too will draw far. And even we have to remain until Apple confirms the major public version for jailbreakers to confirm if they are capable to offer a tool to the public. For the most part, Checkra1n will be there even after the major version of iOS 14 will decide.

Wrapping up

iOS 14 is the next enormous chapter of the iPhone operating system that we will be able to welcome within a couple of months. Features are there that being prepared to offer with the major version at the end of the beta array. The compatible device range will be the same as the prior Chekcra1n. If you worry about iPhone 12 for it is the next iDevice to the device list, stay calm for there will be a way to escape it too. Until then, be with current jailbreak tools and enjoy Cydia.

Guide to downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14

It is been a couple of days since the initial release of iOS 14. Features, performances and security arrangements that added brought a new color to the operating system. And it will be the vast topic of Apple during the coming year. All devices that used iOS 13 can upgrade to iOS 14. Since it was just the developer beta that we welcomed initially, I hope to welcome the public beta as soon as possible. However, this is about its possibility of range at all. This is how to downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14 when you want back iOS 13 versions on your device for several reasons. No matter whatever reason with you. Just follow these instructions.

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Downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14

Important facts

It is important to keep SHSH blobs if you are a jailbreaker for it will usefully for further movements. This is for those who install iOS 14 developer beta. You have to use a computer and lightning for this procedure. But the same can use to downgrade with proper steps.

Guide to downgrade

  • Go to your computer and download the latest iOS or iPadOS 13 firmware
  • Disable Find My iPhone feature
  • Go to the Settings app and select the Apple ID profile and simply image the up of the UI. And then select Find My > Find My iPhone
  • Simply slide it to move to the off and disable it right away
  • Now bring the lightning cable and connect the device to the prepared computer. If you are an iPad Pro user, it is included USB-C cable to be used as recommended
  • Simply open iTunes and then open a Finder window if you are a Mac user
  • Click the device icon on iTunes and then the Summery as well
  • And then select the device once more from the Finder
  • Go to Finder or iTunes and select Restore Backup option while pressing the option key at the left if it is a Mac or Shifts key to Windows PC
  • Select the firmware from the computer
  • The extracting process will start. So keep the device connectedly until it will complete

Wrapping up

Get ready to welcome the major role of iOS 14 and that will address the gather in coming October. As promised, there is a long list of amazing features, improvements and enhancements as well. So we have to say goodbye to iOS 13 within a few further weeks. Stay tuned for more info.

Cydia download iOS 13.5 using Unc0ver jailbreak tool

Want to know how to bring Cydia on your iPhone or iPad? It is not a big deal when you know jailbreaking. Of course, you cannot download Cydia without jailbreak on any iOS version. Jailbreaking completely based on the iDevice model and the running iOS version. If you wish to jailbreak your device and want to Cydia Download iOS 13.5, they are Unc0ver, Chimera or Ra1nUSB as three public tools with different features. There is a long list of tweaks that have been updated and that you can bring on any jailbroken device to customize them. However, if you wish to know a way to bring jailbreak permission on your iDevice, here is the Unc0ver jailbreak guide.

cydia download ios 13.5

Guide to Cydia Download iOS 13.5

This is a guide to download Cydia on recommended iDevices using the tool Unc0ver. This is the tool that we used even during iOS 12.0. It gives you semi-untethered jailbreak permission that you will have to rearrange if the device will reboot. The updated version works on iPhone 6S to iPhone 11 models including all iPod and iPad. However, the utility will perfectly support Cydia and the substrate.


  • Go to Settings and then the Storage of the device and remove if there is any OTA file of iOS 13
  • Create a full data backup using iTunes or iCloud
  • Compile a Windows/Mac machine and a proper lightning cable

Step guide

  • Find out a reliable source and download AltServer to the computer
  • Connect the iPhone or iPad to the computer. AltServer can bring on both Windows and Mac
  • A Mail plugin should install to the machine in order to properly set up AltStore
  • Select the AltServer icon on Mac and install it
  • And then select the connected iDevice
  • Check the Home screen for the AltServer icon
  • Turn to Settings > General > Device management and select the Apple ID > Trust the Developer Certificate
  • Download Unc0ver latest update from the official page
  • During the installation, you will see, Open In option and that should use to open the Unc0ver file in AltStore
  • Enter your Apple ID details if required
  • Go to the iDevice Home screen and launch the jailbreak app
  • Select the jailbreak button and keep the device
  • It will respring after the process
  • The Cydia icon will arrange on your Home at the end

If there will be an error, you have to restart the iDevice and then go through the jailbreak process once more.

What is the best Cydia Impactor alternative?

In this post we are going to talk about the best Cydia Impactor alternative. If you are passionate about IPA based applications with advanced features, there is nothing to spell out about Cydia Impactor. Of course, it is another great reveal of Jay Freeman to let you all bring those apps with advanced performances completely without jailbreak. But there may be a couple of things that some of you do not like. Therefore, we have a heap of alternatives too in the market. If you feel it would be better to have some other utility instead of Impactor, you can try out of these that we are going to uncover here.

cydia impactor alternative

The best Cydia Impactor alternative

In my opinion, it is up to the user to decide which the best alternative to them is when there are many similar suggestions. For that, you have to check all features and compare them and decide which will be the best for your accomplishments.

There are some alternatives that will help you to go through an easy procedure but support in the same way of Impactor. But the rest will be there as app stores. But not like those often third-party app stores that suggest common apps. There are advanced, tweaked and hacked features and apps for you.

Cydia Impactor alternatives

Here is the list of several popular Impactor alternatives.

  • Super Impactor
  • AltDeploy
  • AppValley
  • 25PP
  • 3UTools
  • vShare Helper

Using any of these, you are capable to bring advanced apps such as Instagram++, SnapChat++, Whatsapp++ and so on. Some of these alternatives got features like automatic app sign in and so on that the formal Impactor tool will not let you. We are not going to point each utility for it is up to you to decide on the most suitable one.

Wrapping up

Tools, as we noted above, will help you to bring apps that you love with high-quality features on your iPhone, iPod and iPad. While Cydia Impactor was the most popular utility that we used for such arrangements, you can turn for any other one if you wish to bring further features through. If you have any other alternative, compare them with the above popular alternatives and see which the perfect is? Of course there you have thousands of applications to arrange on your device completely without jailbreak. But you have to be smart without miss any single detail from developers.