Best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

Cydia is the biggest third-party app store for iPhone, iPad and iPod users with jailbreak permission. A couple of months back, developers could introduce an app call Sileo as the only true alternative to Cydia with similar features and even with advanced ones. Although some reports list app stores as alternatives, you do not need jailbreak permission to have them or else you cannot encounter those amazing deals of Cydia with any other way except Sileo. However, this narration going to be about best Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3. Although 9.3.3 is not one of the latest versions, it was a remarkable milestone of the jailbreak journey.

cydia tweaks ios 9.3.3

Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

In order to have Cydia app store, you should make sure that you are with jailbreak permission. When we were with iOS 9.3.3, it was Pangu jailbreak as the application that supported to break a couple of versions. Therefore, if you already have Cydia package with you, launch it and find out the best jailbreak apps that we will list from here. Here we go.

Download Cydia tweaks iOS 9.3.3

  • Activator

Use Activator in order to go through gestures for further custom movements

  • 20 Second Lockscreen

Let your Lockscreen remain 20 seconds before dim out

  • AlwaysMore For Spotlight

Apps in Spotlight and more Siri suggestions will be there with AlwaysMore For Spotlight

  • Appendix

Arrange all apps in one place in a folder using 3D Touch

  • Bars

Bars is for those who wish to have a more granular appearance at the Cellular signal in their status bar

  • Better Five ColumnHomescreen

This will add another column as the fifth one to app icons on your Home

  • Bloard

The stock iOS keyboard will apply a dark shade when the Bloard Cydia tweak is there

  • BottomBar

This will arrange the Status bar at the bottom of the Lock Screen

  • CCDeseperator

CCDeseperator will simply set free the control center from separators

  • FaceDown

This is kind of a security app which will lock the device automatically when realizing the face down

  • FlatSafariURL

The URL bar in your Safri will apply a flat look when FlatSafariURL is there

  • Harbor

Harbor is a perfect and an interesting tweak for those who wish to arrange many more apps on their Home screen

  • iCleaner

iCleaner is everything about the cleanliness of your iDevice for it will perform to clean the device from unnecessary files

  • IconRenamer

Use iConRenamer to rename whatever app simply