Guide to downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14

It is been a couple of days since the initial release of iOS 14. Features, performances and security arrangements that added brought a new color to the operating system. And it will be the vast topic of Apple during the coming year. All devices that used iOS 13 can upgrade to iOS 14. Since it was just the developer beta that we welcomed initially, I hope to welcome the public beta as soon as possible. However, this is about its possibility of range at all. This is how to downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14 when you want back iOS 13 versions on your device for several reasons. No matter whatever reason with you. Just follow these instructions.

ios 14

Downgrade iOS or iPadOS 14

Important facts

It is important to keep SHSH blobs if you are a jailbreaker for it will usefully for further movements. This is for those who install iOS 14 developer beta. You have to use a computer and lightning for this procedure. But the same can use to downgrade with proper steps.

Guide to downgrade

  • Go to your computer and download the latest iOS or iPadOS 13 firmware
  • Disable Find My iPhone feature
  • Go to the Settings app and select the Apple ID profile and simply image the up of the UI. And then select Find My > Find My iPhone
  • Simply slide it to move to the off and disable it right away
  • Now bring the lightning cable and connect the device to the prepared computer. If you are an iPad Pro user, it is included USB-C cable to be used as recommended
  • Simply open iTunes and then open a Finder window if you are a Mac user
  • Click the device icon on iTunes and then the Summery as well
  • And then select the device once more from the Finder
  • Go to Finder or iTunes and select Restore Backup option while pressing the option key at the left if it is a Mac or Shifts key to Windows PC
  • Select the firmware from the computer
  • The extracting process will start. So keep the device connectedly until it will complete

Wrapping up

Get ready to welcome the major role of iOS 14 and that will address the gather in coming October. As promised, there is a long list of amazing features, improvements and enhancements as well. So we have to say goodbye to iOS 13 within a few further weeks. Stay tuned for more info.