How to fix Cydia impactor error 81?

Cydia impactor is well known among the iOS users when it comes to installing any third-party app on your iOS. It supports installing a number of IPA files to your iOS that are not available on your official app store. The importance of Cydia impactor is its biggest support. But what if you get something failed? This is about fixing Cydia impactor error 81 in the easiest way. So hope you will catch the guidelines comprehensively.

Cydia impactor error 81

How to fix Cydia impactor error 81?

In anything use under any condition, you may expose to various errors. So if you know Cydia impactor, error 81 is not anything strange. This is one of the most common errors you will meet in your times of Cydia impactor.

1st Method: Cydia impactor update

One of the important things about the Cydia impactor tool is its continuous updates. So here we find an updated version of the Cydia impactor in v0.9.40. This tool version comes specifically targeting Cydia impactor error 81. So update the tool and use the tool.

2nd Method: Terminate certificate

Enter Cydia impactor tool interface

Continue through Xcode menu and go to choose Revoke certificates option

Enter the Apple ID and the password separately

In this position, Cydia impactor will cancel the certificate. So try to install the required IPA once again here. And by now, it should work for you

3rd Method: Installing package support

Go to Cydia impactor from the Desktop

Get into device menu and hit “install package” from the options available

Now it is about browsing and picking up the compatible IPA file that you want to install through Cydia impactor

4th Method: Create a new Apple ID account

There are different methods to try in order to fix Cydia Impactor error 81. But if you still find something interrupting, you can try out with a new Apple ID and try Cydia impactor with the new Apple ID support.

Fixing Cydia impactor error 81 is easy. So without much effort and time, you can fix it back to normal. And thankfully, it offers more than a single solution. So take the most fitting solution and get Cydia impactor back working.

There are many errors you may encounter in your turn to Cydia impactor. So if it is not error 81, write to us about your experience.